There's a new dawn upon us, thanks to high-tech car companies such as Tesla. The age of the self-driving car has arrived, and 'drivers' now have plenty of time on their hands while in their cars, and are looking for new experiences on the road in the privacy of their vehicles.

DatingAdvisor, along with casual dating community, interviewed no less than 12,821 men and women on the subject of "sex on wheels". The specific question asked was:

What activities could you imagine doing in a self-driving car to take advantage of the time gained?

The results have come in as:

  • 70% of women and 72% of men are up for giving sex in a self-driving car a try
  • 19% of women and 20% of men aren't so keen, and would prefer to look at the countryside, take a nap or listen to music!
  • 18% of women and 17% of men put safety first, and would prefer to focus on the traffic
  • 11% of women and 9% of men would like to catch up with friends on the phone, chat with fellow passengers, or play games
  • 8% of women and 6% of men would like to relax with a good movie, or catch up on their reading

In this survey, multiple responses were possible.

So, it looks like the future is hotting up, fast. However, the fantasy of having sex in your motor isn't anything new. Today, as in the past, the car is a popular spot for a quickie from time to time.

The survey also revealed the following:

  • Nearly 1 in 4 passengers have given pleasure to the driver during a trip in the car 
  • 6% of drivers have pleasured their passenger
  • 8% of those surveyed have had sex on the back seat during a drive
  • 12% of women and 11% of men have pleasured themselves in their car
  • 7% of respondents have even managed to have sex on public transport  
  • Around 2/3 of respondents have had sex while parked

Want to know more? Further details, including extra findings and assessments, can be found here.

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