We all know first impressions count. Even so, many people don’t take the trouble to upload a good quality profile picture. They shouldn’t be surprised if they don’t attract a lot of interest, because profile pictures play a very important role in determining first contact. If you have more good quality pictures (ideally between 3 and 5) in your profile to support the main profile picture, your chance of success is even greater.

The first thing to make sure about when posting a profile picture, is that your face is nicely visible and recognizable. Secondly, you should really like the picture and how it portrays you. It will show if you are comfortable with it. You don’t want to arrange a personal meeting with someone based on a phony profile picture and then having to stress about not meeting expectations in real life.
Hiding behind sunglasses, overdone make-up or masks that make your face unrecognizable, is taboo. And if you don’t know by now, duck face is so over. You might just embarrass yourself if you try to pull one off.

The focus of a profile picture should be on your face, not your cleavage, your biceps, your abs, or heaven forbid, your genitals. You don’t want to chase Mr or Mrs Right away by giving him them the idea you are the one-night stand type.

The same rules apply when selecting the other pictures for your profile, except that they don’t all have to be of your face. Variety is key. Let your personality shine through by showing yourself practicing a hobby, having fun or being active. Prospective partners should be curious about your life and motivated to spend time with you. Full body shots and selfies are acceptable if the quality is good.

Needless to say, pictures of you in your stark-naked glory are out of the question. Unless you want to attract partners who only have one thing on their minds. How would you know if they are interested in you or your body?

Profile Picture Best Practice

  • Your face is clearly recognizable.
  • At least one picture is a full body shot.
  • Choose pictures you personally like.
  • Stay true to yourself.
  • Express your personality.

Profile Picture Taboos

  • Hiding your face behind thick make-up, sunglasses or a mask.
  • Unrecognizable, out-of-focus pictures.
  • Nudes.
  • Including other people, including children, in a photo.
  • Landscape or animal pictures without you in them.