About UK DatingAdvisor.net

Our Mission

Here at uk.DatingAdvisor.net, we see ourselves as leaders in the field of independent and objective market research, focusing primarily on the new industry of singles, matchmaking and dating sites, as well as the various related apps now available. Our goal is to test these sites and apps, and to provide impartial reports on their costs, reputation, usability and the probability of success a normal user of these sites would have. In this way, we intend to provide users in the UK with a regularly updated overview of which sites best suit their needs at any given time. To meet these ends, we provide direct comparisons which allow users and potential users to view details of two sites side by side.

Alongside offering a market overview, we aim to provide our readers with a range of practical tips and pieces of advice, regarding how they can improve their chances in the world of online dating. These tips have come from first hand experience, as well as from the many and wide-ranging comments our users have provided us with.

Focus points

Providing ratings of dating sites

One of the primary aims of what DatingAdvisor does is the regular assessment of user's chances of success. We consistently trial new sites, comprehensively testing them with a range of user profiles. Once the test results are concrete and conclusive - and not before - we will generate a test report.

Advice for online dating

Because online dating it initially undertaken in an anonymous fashion, there are more than a couple of typical traps into which newcomers can fall. Thanks to our years of experience, we want our users to be fully informed in everything they need to know that will help them make the most of dating sites, and avoid disappointment.

Background information and studies

We're always conducting market studies, for one key reason: to better understand and stay on top of regional and international trends in the industry. We like to keep things focused, so we will usually stick to a singular theme, such as mobile dating, in order to gain deeper understanding.

In Numbers


Our Team

The Editorial Team

Our editorial team is made up of both freelance and permanent journalists and editors, all of whom have a passion for online dating and internet business. Many of the editors who work with uk.DatingAdvisor.net have a professional history in the world of online dating, and are thus well versed in this industry. Their experience and expertise has given them a sense for changes in this business - they know what to look out for, which way the winds of change are blowing, and what the next big thing may be. However, despite our combined years of work in online dating, our most valuable resource is the multitude of people who feed back to us their experience in this field - providing us with both the good and bad sides of the online dating sphere.

The Initiators

Artur: Responsible for corresponding with the dating providers, and staying on top of changes and innovations.
Philipp: Takes care of organisation, and all internal operations.
Florian: Stays on top of the workings of the website, and ensures all the technological side of the operation is ticking over nicely.

Whenever somebody asks me which dating site is the best, I'm always quick to reply that there's no such thing as a 'best' site. It all depends on your particular goals, and whether you're in it for flirting, love, or adventure.

Head of the editorial team

Ratings and Commissions

Our goal has always been to provide our overviews for free to those looking for information on online dating. uk.DatingAdvisor.net therefore strives to publish all our reports and experiences free of charge, and will continue to do so.

Despite this, we have no intention of hiding the fact that we do receive some commission from certain online dating sites. However, we must point out that such commissions have no influence over our judgements, reports, and evaluations. On top of this, we try to negotiate identical commissions from all of the providers we work with, in order to make it irrelevant to us which site or service comes out on top. These commissions are necessary in order to help us continue providing a free service for our users, as well as running our website and - above all - paying our editors and journalists for their valued time.

It is a point of principle for DatingAdvisor to recommend dating sites which can be tried by the user free of charge, in order for them to find out whether or not the site is suitable for their needs. DatingAdvisor is primarily an advisory service, pointing users in positive directions, and providing warnings against potential pitfalls. We will only receive a commission once the user has settled into a site, feels comfortable using it, and is ready to pay for it. As such, we carefully evaluate dating sites specifically according to different target groups, and we also take the time to offer regional recommendations (depending on how many users a particular dating service, site or app has in a region or city). This is for the simple reason that users will only stay with a dating site for a decent amount of time, connect with people, and not move on if they are satisfied with the level of service the site is providing.