After the pictures, your profile content is what makes or break a successful online dating profile. Your profile is your big chance to market yourself by filling in all the gaps left by the pictures.

Remember: Some people are too lazy/don’t have time to read an entire profile. Therefore, you should start with the most important information. Most dating sites have an online form with designated spaces to help you communicate what is important for a potential partner to know. These are key to any profile.

While it’s easy to click yes or no or select a pre-written answer, not everyone can write interesting, original answers. Therein lies your chance to impress with your creativity, sense of humour and charm. It doesn’t mean simply summarizing the existing information, nor that you should try and impress with someone else’s creativity by filling the space with poetry, famous quotes or slogans. Make it your own. Surprise the reader by telling them about an unlikely hobby, “shock” them with that one daring thing you did in the past, or tell them about an extraordinary goal. Be direct. Be bold.

Secrets to Attention-Grabbing Profiles

  • Be honest, but make the truth fun.
  • Fill the text fields with interesting facts.
  • Be charming.
  • Be creative.
  • Be extraordinary.

Online Dating Profile No-No’s

  • Excessive bragging.
  • Twisting the truth or downright lying.
  • Leaving answers out.
  • Not filling out the text fields.
  • Whining.