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Picking up a fuck buddy in the UK is easy. Thanks to online hookup websites, and the new explosion in casual dating apps, you no longer have to trawl the singles bars buying countless drinks, and dealing with all the awkwardness that comes with flirting with people who aren't after the same thing. There are hundreds of sites out there right now, filled with hot British women eager to find a fuck buddy of their own. So what are you waiting for?

How to get a fuck buddy in the UK

Sure, you can still go up to strangers and hinting that you're looking for some no-strings-attached fun. But do you really need to go through the awkwardness that this entails - not to mention the high likelihood of rejection? Thank goodness, then, for the recent explosion in popularity of casual dating spots and hookup apps in the UK, which allow you to easily pick up a fuck buddy! With the help of these sites and apps, you don't have to bother with all the awkward small talk and buying of drinks, and you don't have to risk your existing friendships with the opposite sex. There are loads of places online where all sorts of people just like you are looking for exactly what you want - a bit of hot, uncomplicated sexy fun.

Before you dive head first into seeking a fuck buddy online, you should be aware of one key fact: not every dating site in the UK is legit and above board. Indeed, many even hire bots and cam girls to try and trick you into spending your hard earned cash. When browsing casual dating sites, remember this - if anyone asks you for cash or refuses to meet in person, move onto the next profile!

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